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Intensive course

The intensive course ‘Comparative Studies in Education with a focus on Inclusion in a Baltic-Nordic Context’ (CSEI) represents the cooperation between several Nordic and Baltic institutions of higher education in addressing inclusion from an educational point of view. The course has been carried out autumn 2015 (academic year 2015-16).

One of the most important objectives of the intensive course is to develop an understanding for and knowledge on how to organise teaching and learning processes in order that pupils and learners in general and of different abilities and capabilities can learn inclusively. The course brings different practices for consideration; students will look into different age-groups, subjects, areas, and cultural settings. The students will present their thoughts, supported by theoretical input, on inclusion in different cultural settings and good practice if possible supported by a minor survey. The course also aims at bringing intercultural perspectives into the field.

This Intensive Course has targeted the challenges of inclusion by introducing them in the curriculum of different subjects at the participating universities and colleges, providing with 5 ECTS points.







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