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Teacher exchange

The teacher exchange is an essential way to develop the professional competence of the staff within each Nordplus Network institution.

Exchange visit gives the teachers new view points and ideas and enables them to develop their teaching competences and skills. During their mobility period, teachers get a change to know their Nordic and Baltic colleagues and compare the different educational systems. The teaching exchange should be integrated into the host institutions teaching activities. Besides, giving lectures, the exchange teacher can also tutor the host institution’s students and participate in producing teaching materials.

The activities that are to take place during the teaching exchange, should be mentioned in the Nordplus application form, which is sent to the coordinator. The teacher exchange should last a minimum of one week (five working days) or eight teaching hours. The teacher receives a grant of 355 eur/ week together with a travel grant, which amount depends on the destination of the exchange visit. Teachers are required to fill out an evaluation form after their exchange period.

Grant application form can be found here.

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